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Thomas RainerThomas Rainer - Vocals, Programming

Born on Feb. 8th, 1979 (Aquarius, ascendent Scorpio), Thomas Rainer already showed an amazing enthusiasm and talent for music very early in his life. This passion plus 5 years of piano lessons with a merciless Portuguese piano teacher and 3 years of E-bass guitar less with one of the best Jazz bassists in Austria provided the basis for his function as composer and male vocalist of L`ÂME IMMORTELLE. In summer 1996 Thomas Rainer founded L`ÂME IMMORTELLE together with Hannes Medwenitsch, who left the band in summer 2002. With this band Thomas wanted to realise his vision of creating emotional and genuine music beyond stylistic boundaries.

Besides his activities with L´ÂME IMMORTELLE. Thomas is the mastermind behind the internationally successful Industrial-Techno project NACHTMAHR founded in 2007 and is a highly sought after DJs at events all over the world.


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